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Stainless Steel Meat Cutlery
3"-12" Meat Processing knives
12 inch Slicing/Cimeter Knife
10 inch Butcher/chef Knife
8" Chef/Butcher's Knife
8 inch Breaking Knife
6 inch Skinning Knife
6 inch Boning Knife(Curved)
6 inch Boning Knife(Straight)
6 inch Boning Knife(Curved & Flexible)
5 inch Boning knife (Curved)
4 1/2 inch Boning Knife (Straight)
3 inch Boning Knife (Straight)
Japanese Sushi/Sashimi/Chef Knives
Forged Germany Style Knives
14 inch Two Handle Cheese Cutting Knife
20 inch Pizza Rocking Cutter
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Travel Vacuum Bottles
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Home/Stainless Steel Meat Cutlery/3"-12" Meat Processing knives/3 inch Boning Knife (Straight)
3 inch Boning Knife (Straight)
3 1/4 inch boning Knife (Straight)
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3 inch Straight Deboning knife
3 inch Straight boning knife It measures: 3inch blade, 5.5inch handle, total lenghth is 8.5 inch. Spine is 2.0 mm thick

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4 x 6 inch boning knife (Curved) 4 x 6 inch boning knife (Curved)
4 x 6 inch super flexible boning knife 4 x 6 inch skinning knife
4 x 8 inch steak/slicing/breaking knife 2 x 10 inch Professional butcher knife
2 x 12 inch Professional Steak/cimeter knife 6 inch Straight boning knife
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